Illuminated Signs

Whether lit from within or externally, illuminated signage gives your message extra visibility and emphasis both day and night. This can include cabinets with flat or pan faces, custom neon, channel letters, digital readout boards, and more.

Sign Retrofitting

Our professional installation experts will work quickly to update your existing sign with newer materials and internals. With affordable up-front costs and a longer life span, your total savings on maintenance will be exponential over the course of your sign’s lifetime. When you’re looking to save money and cut back on maintenance, then our retrofitting services are the best choice.

Custom Neon Signs & Maintenance

Traditional neon is charming and has a nostalgic look and feel. Our neon signs are hand made from glass tubing. At Yodergraphics, we have years of experience crafting and fixing custom neon signs to meet our customers’ vision. From basic signs to full, multi-colour large-scale signs that highlight your brand and location, our team of custom sign design staff have the knowledge base, tools, and experience to create what you need. We also have the capabilities to repair broken or damaged neon signs.

Community Sign
Luminated Signs
Citi Trends Sign
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Akron children's hospital sign